What About Those Who Have Never Heard The Gospel?

Another way to think of the issue:

~ Suppose that you are a lawyer and that you have the good fortune to have grown up with a person who over the course of time becomes a career criminal. One fine day he attempts a bank robbery and while attempting to get away, he pistol whips a police officer and shoots and kills another person who tried to block his exit from the bank.  Subsequently a number of police officers wrestle him down to the ground and apprehend him. He is put in prison and a court date gets set when he will be tried for various crimes committed, not just this one.

Your friend calls you up and and pleads with you asking you to represent him in court. Since you have known him for years, you decide to do him the favor.

On the day he stands trial, the judge asks the lawyers for their opening statements. You look at both the jury, and then the judge and say

“Your Honor. This man has never heard the Gospel before in his life. It would be patently unfair of you to punish him on account of that fact.”

The judge then looks at the court and then at you and says

“Oh? Well, why didn’t someone say so? I had no idea. Ok. Well, since this man has never heard the Gospel before in his life, I am setting him completely free. There will be no need for him to go to prison or do anything like that. I am after all a good judge. I am not unfair.”

So the gavel comes down and you friend is set free.

* Now the picture above should be unsettling. You should sense that something is not right with the above picture.