Jonathan Goforth – A Note

The following is a note that I am taking from this online biography of Jonathan Goforth who is perhaps my favorite missionary. The note comes from the article: Jonathan Goforth: The Holy Spirit’s Man in China from Giants of the Missionary Trial by Eugene Myers Harrison

“The Goforths settled first at Chefoo for nine months of language study. While living there some valuable lessons were learned. About two weeks after settling in Chefoo their house burned to the ground and practically everything they had was destroyed. Mrs. Goforth was distraught but her husband simply said, ‘My dear, do not grieve so. After all, they’re just things.’ Thus Rosalind learned another lesson in real values.”

*Note: If you want to know what the first lesson in real values was, then click on the image below. Its in Rosalind Goforth words.
Rosalind Goforth