The Kingdom Of God – Some Notes…

The following are some cut-and-paste notes taken from an article titled, THE KINGDOM OF GOD: AN INTRODUCTION.  It was written by Dr. Richard L. Mayhue, in The Master’s Journal, Fall 2012, volume 23, no. 2.  Dr. Mayhue is Senior Vice President and Dean of The Master’s Seminary out in Sun Valley, California.


Contrasts made in the Bible regarding various biblical descriptions of God’s Kingdom:
1. Certain passages present the kingdom as something which has always
existed (Pss 10:16; 145:11–13), yet elsewhere it seems to have a definite
historical beginning (Dan 2:44).
2. The kingdom is described as universal in scope (Ps 103:19), but it is also
revealed as a local rule on earth (Isa 24:23).
3. Sometimes the kingdom is pictured as the direct rule of God (Pss 22:28;
59:13), at other times, it appears as the rule of God through a mediator (Ps
2:4–6; Dan 4:17, 25).
4. The Bible describes the kingdom as entirely future (Zech 14:9; Matt 6:10),
while in other places, the kingdom is portrayed as a current reality (Ps
29:10; Dan 4:3).
5. The Kingdom of God is set forth as God’s sovereign, unconditional rule
(Dan 4:3, 34–35), on the other hand, it appears to be based on a covenant
between God and man (Ps 89:27–29).
6. God’s kingdom is said to be everlasting (Dan 4:3), but God will bring an
end to part of His kingdom (Hos 1:4).
7. The kingdom is not eating and drinking (Rom 14:17), nor can it be
inherited by flesh and blood (1 Cor 15:50), yet the kingdom is at times
spoken of in earthly, tangible senses (Pss 2:4–6; 89:27–29).
8. The kingdom is said to be among the Jews (Luke 17:21), yet Jesus told his
disciples to pray that it would come (Matt 6:11).
9. Paul preached “the Kingdom of God” (Acts 28:31), yet Christians are now
in “the church age” (Acts 2).
10. Children of the kingdom can be cast into hell (Matt 8:12), yet only the
righteous shall inherit the kingdom (1 Cor 6:8–10).
11. The earthly domain has been temporarily handed over to Satan (Luke 4:6),
yet all the earth is the Lord’s (Ps 24:1).
12. The kingdom is to be for Israel (2 Sam 7:11–13), yet Christ gave it to the
nations (Matt 21:43).

“All “Kingdom of God” passages can be summarized by recognizing several broad aspects. First, there is the Universal Kingdom, which includes the rule of God which has been, is, and forever will be over all that exists in time and space. Second is God’s Mediatorial Kingdom in which He rules on earth through divinely chosen human representatives. Third is the spiritual or redemptive aspect of God’s kingdom which uniquely deals with a person’s salvation and personal relationship with God through Christ. Anytime “kingdom” referring to God’s kingdom appears in Scripture, it could point to any one aspect of the kingdom or several of its parts together. Careful interpretation in context will determine the particulars for a given biblical text.”