Calling & Response . . .

It seems to me that there are three possible responses to a Calling:

1) Resistive Response: You can resist it.  This was Moses’ initial response. He asked God to send someone else. This was not a good thing at least in Moses’ case.

2) Passive Response: You can do either nothing about it or very little.

~ Surprisingly this is not always a bad thing either.  David was anointed as king while he was just a youth. After that he really did not pursue kingship for many many years.  If you look at his life, it is almost as if kingship did not matter or as if he were oblivious to it.  (Well not quite … but you get what I am getting at.)

3) Active Response: You can embrace it and pursue it.

~ Here is the thing though. If Calling comes, all of the above might be acceptable at times. Why? I think it has to do with whether a Calling comes as a command or an opportunity or something effectual.

– If your calling is a command, then you had better respond positively. To do otherwise would be to sin. God anger did burn against Moses.

– If your calling is an opportunity to do something, and you say no to it, then you might be ok. You missed out on something, but … oh well.

– If your calling is something effectual then it is just simply going to happen. David knew that he would be king someday. He did not know when or how, but he knew it would happen. It just would.