2D and 3D

There is 2D and there is 3D2D has to do with what is on print. Perhaps this is on paper or your mobile or some sort of screen. Its has to with this sentence you are right now reading. 3D has to do with the things in our life – events, happenings and such.

To reason from 2D is to reason from Scriptures. “What is Romans teaching me about direction in life?” “What is 2 Corinthians saying about my dealings with Irina?” “How do the passages on servants having harsh masters inform my work ethic? Does this mean that I should not throw in the towel so easily and quit? Because that is a major life decision for me.”

To reason from 3D is to reason from the things in our daily lives.  It is to look for signs, sensations, feelings, happenings and such.  It amounts to what I call a Hermeneutics of Providence. It is something that if relied on apart from the Scriptures, it can devolve into a necromancy of providence and that is very very very bad.