God Getting the Paradox of Fiction in Reverse

The Paradox of Fiction:

AK~ Why do I react to Anna Karenina as though it were real? Why do I weep when I read it even though I know that this is not at all true?

~ ~ Why did Jesus weep when Lazarus died?

He knew full well that the guy died and that He was going to raise him from the dead.  So why did Jesus weep when He came to the Lazarus’ tomb? Its very difficult finding a good answer to this.

Anyway a thought or two. So what is fiction? Among many things fiction is that which is not real right? So I find the following phenomena to be true in my life and also true of God in the Bible.

[1] I respond to what is not real as though it were real.  ~ Anna
[2] God responds to what is real as though it were not real.

Is [2] true? God knows the future perfectly and He knows that Vidya or Srinivas will reject His offer of salvation. Yet still God still freely offers salvation to them. Why? – Why when He knows that this is an exercise in futility? And make no mistake the offer of salvation on God’s part is genuine. It is not some fluff talk on God’s part.

Ok. And lets go back to [1].  Does God ever respond to what is not real as though it were real? Yes. Quite often its called prolepsis. Hahahaha… obscure term I know.

The idea behind prolepsis is basically this:

“… the God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not.” ~ Romans 4:17*

* I should check the Greek on this but Ehhh … another day.