Meaning of Life – Another round…

~ Stories have meaning, no? When we were young and in grade school, did we not have to read all these stories and then do a write up on them explaining various facets of the story and in particular its meaning?


When I was young, I used to read collections of stories like the above, Panchatantra or say Aesop’s Fables. At the end of the story, quite often there would be a moral. This moral was often regarded as the meaning.

So here is the deal:

What would you do if someone wrote a 20 page story and then showed it to you really quickly for just a few seconds and then asked you,

“Can you tell me the meaning of this story?”

Well, you would have say

“Sure. Can I read it first? I need to read it first before telling you anything.”

This holds true for anything right? Before you can tell anyone the meaning of Beowulf, you would first have to read it.


Here is the thing though. Consider the following question:

~~~> What is the Meaning of Life?

This question comes up often in life. No? A lot of people not only struggle to answer it, but they struggle to understand it.  I wonder if a slight rewrite of this question would make things a bit easier.

~~~> What is the Meaning of the Story of Life?

So just as you cannot tell me the meaning of Beowulf without first knowing what the story of Beowulf is about, so also you cannot tell me what the meaning of life is without first telling me what the grand story of life is.

And to the best of my knowledge, this grand story of life consists of 4 chapters and they are titled Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation. Within the third chapter  we find another sub-story, viz. the story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

{Finish later}