Value – Extrinsic & Intrinsic

Aishwarya Sporting Some Mughal Jewelry
Aishwarya Sporting Some Mughal Jewelry – a few extra diamonds and she would be complete – Aay?

~ I’m just taking some notes from Tom Morris’s book, Philosophy for Dummies, Chapter 22, What Is the Meaning of Life? – pages 283-284 –

“When I ask whether life has ultimate value, or whether my life has value, I can be probing towards two different things. The first is what philosophers call extrinsic value – value that is conferred on something by something or someone else. What we call sentimental value is a form of extrinsic value. An ordinary-looking item can have sentimental value, great extrinsic value of this sort, because of its involvement in my life, or in events that matter a great deal to me. I endow it with that value.”

“The most common form of extrinsic value may be that of instrumental value: Something is valuable instrumentally because it produces or leads to something else that is of value.  Aspirin is instrumentally valuable because it can lead to the cessation of a headache or to the avoidance of a heart attack. My car has instrumental value due to its ability to get me to places … Because of all these great experiences … it has begun to have sentimental value as well.”

~ So extrinsic value sounds like something subjective.  Anyway… moving on…

“A second form of value – intrinsic value – is the value that a thing or quality has in and of itself, regardless of whether it leads to anything else of value, and regardless of how it is viewed.  When you pursue something that is of intrinsic value, seek it not merely for any benefits it might bring you, but just because you think it that it is important in and of itself. The great moral traditions have held that human beings, as individuals, have intrinsic value.  … Happiness has intrinsic value. It is not, and need not be, pursued for the sake of anything else beyond it. Love has intrinsic value. And, theistic philosophers have said throughout the centuries, the ultimate intrinsic values are to be found in God.”