Faith, Belief & Knowledge… scratchwork…

Knowledge: You cannot know something that is false. That is to say only that which is true can be known, so you cannot be mistaken about what you know. This sounds counterintuitive but it is true.  (E.g. You cannot know that the earth is flat or that 1 + 1 = 3.1415.)
~ I believe that there is no such thing as degrees of knowledge. (Double-check this.)
~ Knowledge is categorical in character. You either know something or you do not. There is no such thing as strongly knowing something or weakly knowing something.

Faith : You cannot have faith in God that X, where X is something false or not veridical. Only that which is true or veridical can be objects proper of faith.
~ There are degrees of faith.
~ Faith is both categorical and quantitative. Here we could say that faith ranges from [X >0 to X =1]
(*CB2: faith in and faith that.)

Belief : You can be correct or mistaken about your beliefs. The truth value of beliefs can be up in the air.
~ There are degrees of belief.
~ Belief is quantitative only. Here we could say that belief ranges from [x >= 0 to X =1]