Faith, Knowledge & Belief Distinctions – Work through this later.

This analysis might seem to some to border on inanity. Don’t ask why – but I just need to understand this better.

For now this is just a tentative sketch …  I need to think it through more later.



Unbelief is a belief – belief in the wrong thing.

Can we oscillate between belief and unbelief? “Lord I believe. Help thou my unbelief!” is not so much speaking of holding simultaneous contradictory beliefs as it is talking about going back and forth between the two. Evidence.

Beliefs are regarded as involuntary.

~ The object of belief has to be sole and singular – Jesus Christ.

~ The objects of unbelief are multitudinous.

Is faith involuntary?

Appearance and reality

~ What belief and faith have in common are appearance. What faith and knowledge have in common are reality.

I have faith in evidence.  Evidence in turn strengthens my faith.