Faith In vs. Faith That – CB2 L8R


~ I know  – this is a bit crazy. Ehhh… whatever… I inked it in with my bamboo… really do not like the writing… tacky – but ehh… for now.

My point is that one has faith in X that Y.

~So you have faith in God that Vindaloo will heal from his sickness. ~~~> You can draw out from this: “I have faith that Vindaloo will heal from his sickness.”

Now what this means is that whatever you have faith in in – that is whatever your rocket is pointed at – had better be the well and good and true. The rocket better be pointed at the right target or else the shuttle will not make it to where it should.

For example if you have faith in some false gurur that Vindaloo heals then you can say bye to Vindaloo.