Quick Jot on Philippians 1:9

~ The following is a quick jot from Frank Thielman’s NIV Application Commentary on Philippians. Let me put the verse out first:

And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight …” ~ Phil. 1:9

“His [Paul] basic request is that the Philippians’ love will steadily increase ‘in knowledge and depth of insight.’  The term ‘love’ is not further limited or defined, although if it bears the meaning here that it has in the rest of the letter (1:16, 2:1-2), it refers to the love believers should have for one another. … Paul prays that their love for one another will increase first in ‘knowledge’ (epignosis) … he probably intends for it to cover spiritual knowledge generally. If so, the point of his petition is that the Philippians might understand how to obey God’s command that believers love one another. … Paul’s basic request for the Philippians, in other words, is that they might express their love in ways that show both a knowledge of how to obey God’s will generally, and, more specifically, of how to make moral decisions based on God’s will in the give-and-take of everyday living.” ~pg 40