Quick Notes from The Parable of the Talents (2)

~ The following are some quick jots from a blog post at the Sapienta blog over at The Henry Center for Theological Understanding. The notes come from a post on The Parable of the Talents (2) by Dr. Constantine Campbell.  I strongly urge reading the post in its entirety and also Dr. Campbell’s series on Achievement which can be found at said blog.


“Second, being faithful with what is entrusted leads to greater entrusting. The first two servants are rewarded for their faithfulness with more work! Our achievements tend to “grow” as we prove reliable in our responsibilities. This is as true in the corporate world as it is with preaching. It is a natural and obvious unwritten rule: as trust grows, so entrusting grows.

Third, the reverse is true. Doing nothing is not the right way to handle what has been entrusted to you. If entrusted with money, ability, the gospel, or whatever, we are expected to “work it.”

Sometimes we can fail to put God’s resources into action because we are overly worried that we will get it wrong. Of course we ought to pray, seek counsel and wisdom in deciding how to “invest,” but we ought not be paralyzed by fear.