Machiko Hasegawa (1920-1992)

~ March is Woman’s History Month, so I made the following:



~ Here is a brief bio that I have put together based on my reading from her Wiki bio and elsewhere:

~ Machiko Hasegawa (長谷川町子 Hasegawa Machiko) was one of world’s the first female manga artists. She was born on January 20th, 1920. In 1946, Hasegawa started her own comic strip, Sazae-san in the newspaper, Asahi Shimbun. This comic strip which ran in said newspaper from 1949 to 1974, was about the life a woman, Sazae-san, a fictional Japanese housewife. This strip became very popular and was eventually even was made into a popular radio show in 1956. In addition to this Hasegawa also created another comic, Granny Mischief.

~ One more thing – an important one: For her work as an artist, Hasegawa eventually received the People’s Honor Award in 1992. She passed away on May 27, 1992, at the age of 72.

~ All that said, I hope to have a post out on the 31st on Anne Judson Hasseltine (1789-1826), who was a wonderful writer.