Quick Observation in Passing ~ On Giving Up

~ I can’t help but notice that as I go through the Gospels, I cannot think of a single instance where Jesus gives up on anything. Not one. He never throws in the towel. He never throws up a while flag.  There is simply no surrender.  No retreat. Zip.  At no point does He ever say to the disciples, “You know what guys. I don’t think this is working. I just don’t. Maybe we need to call it a day and try something else.”  Never. And His mission is the most difficult of all. He is journeying to Jerusalem where He knows He will be crucified.

Can we be like that?

Yes. However we have to be wise enough in knowing what races to run, what battles to enter.  I am not going to join an ice hockey team this weekend in the hopes of winning the Stanley Cup.  Maybe I’ll join a drawing contest, but ice hockey. Uh… No. I would like to keep all my teeth till old age.

Ice Hockey Player