Findlay on Faith

MarshallBook~ I found a book online that I hope to eventually read. It is Faith as a Theme in Mark’s Narrative and it is by Christopher D. Marshall. You can read parts of it in Google Books. In it Marshall quotes an author from yestercentury, J.A. Findlay (1880-1961), on a definition of faith that he supplies. It is from pg. 107 of Findlay’s book, Jesus As They Saw Him, Part I. Mark.

“Faith, as illustrated in Mark’s gospel, may be defined as a painstaking and concentrated effort to obtain blessing for oneself or for others, material or spiritual, inspired by a confident belief that God in Jesus can supply all human need.”

~ The definition is nothing special. That is exactly why I like it. A child can exercise faith. You don’t need to be some super-saint.

Aside: While I find Findlay’s books online, I can find almost nothing about who he was. Go figure…