Can positives conceal negatives? Post @ Wisdom For Life

~The following is a great post that I came across at Wisdom For Life. It is written by Pastor Steve Cornell. I place just an excerpt to it here. You can follow the link below to read the whole post.

“Each year for the past 23 years I’ve taught a class for singles on making marriage one of their best decisions. One of the things we look at is a chart titled, “Things I love now and what they might be in 10 years.”

The person you’re thinking about marrying, for example, is very attentive and you love that about him. Later his attentiveness turns to possessiveness. The laid-back person turns out to be lazy. The playful person proves to be immature. The confident one turns out to be arrogant. But because you’re in love, you didn’t have eyes to see the negatives in the positives.  …”

Read further at: Can positives conceal negatives?

~ Also make sure you read the list of Positives without Negatives which is contained in the link below in his post. It begins like this:

“Positives without negatives:

1. Confident without being arrogant.

2. Humble without being weak.

3. Determined without being stubborn.    …”

~ This has to be one of the best reads that I have had in a long time.