Revivals and Job Interviews…

Revivals are like job interviews. For a job interview, you do everything you can to prep and primp for the position. You research the company, study what you need to study, practice answering interview questions out loud, even in front of the mirror, dress well, and so on…

However once the interview actually takes place and you do everything within your power to make the best impression that you possibly can… and in fact lets us say that you do in fact do an incredible job… even then… EVEN THEN:

It is still up to the company to give you the job.

Even if you handle the interview in a most fantastic manner, the company is still not beholden to give you the job. At the end of it all, for reasons only known to them, it is still within their power to say “No”.

~ Like so with revivals. A church can only work to prepare itself as much as possible. However at the end of the day, … {Add comments on Martyn Lloyd Jones’ Church}

On the flip side, if you are slack in your prepping and primping for the interview, you can guarantee that things go south.

~ So you can either be in a position of prepping and primping with a who knows? Or you can be a position of slacking and slipping and be living down south.