Living in Truth ~ Excerpt From

~ There is a post at that I think is just very important reading for folks in the West. The title is:  Living in truth, however dark the times

Here is an excerpt:

“Anxiety and discouragement and even despondency are reflected in the mood of many Christians these days—as well as anger.  What will happen in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage?  Obviously, religious liberty will become front and center as the implications of the Court decision play out in the daily lives of many Christians whose faith practices run afoul of the new ruling.

2161839452_7ffbf4bdc6_zHowever, this dark mood has been building for quite some time.  Against the talk of doom and gloom by many alarmists, Dr. Os Guinness points out that this is “not Christian language at all.  We should always speak the language of faith and hope and mission.”

Speaking before the court’s ruling, Dr. Guinness reflected on cultural momentum that has been underway for at least a century:  ‘We are living in 500 years of western dominance, which is clearly now declining. … Will we have a vision of faithfulness that will be true to our Lord and adequate to the extraordinary times in which we’re living?’  Our cultural moment requires ‘an unshakeable, unwavering confidence in the power of the gospel.'”

~ Amen, Amen and Amen!

~ I have come across some reds and blues – anger and sadness – post the Supreme Court decision.  People are apprehensive about the future.  The Pax Americana has come to a close.

However I am also adamant that this should not get us down too much. There are so many more reasons – starting with the Cross – to be calm and content then there are to not be.  And… some day I will write on that… but not right now.