Money, Time & Redemption

On my shelf, I have a book, Metaphors We Live By by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson. Very fascinating book.  In Chapter 2 of this book, Lakoff & Johnson discuss how we often use time as a (financial) metaphor in everyday talk. Here are some of the examples they give:

Time is money.
You’re wasting my time.
This gadget will save you hours.
I don’t have the time to give you.
How do you spend your time these days?
That flat tire cost me an hour.
I’ve invested a lot of time in her.
I don’t have enough time to spare for that.
You’re running out of time.
You need to budget your time.
Put aside some time for ping pong.
Is that worth your while?
Do you have much time left?
He’s living on I borrowed time.
You don’t use your time, profitably.
I lost a lot of time when I got sick.
Thank you for your time.

~ Pretty much this is how we talk about money also. I can think of others:
~~> “Let us negotiate the deadline with the client. Perhaps we can buy some time.”
~~> “I’m sorry. I don’t have time to play games with you. My time is precious.”
~~> “Arey yaar. He just watches TV and fools around social media all day. I don’t think he knows the value of time.”
II. Redeeming vs. Purchasing… simple buying

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III. Two verses on Redeeming the Time

IV. Illustrations…

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