The Long Hard Wait

~ Slowed down on my blogging due to intensity at the workplace.  But this one comes right out of my work thoughts so…

~ I used to work in the IT field for many years before I made a switch and then went to seminary. During and subsequent to seminary, I felt no pronounced call to ministry and so I headed back to IT.  However working here, I confess to being restless. I can’t just code and code and code away forever.

Coding is there but its not my thing.  Its bread I suppose so I do it. However I feel like there has to be something else, beyond i = i+1;. What I don’t know. Just don’t. Yet … all that said its interesting to consider the long hard wait that some folks in the Bible experienced.

~ Abraham was told that he would have a son. It would be years… YEARS before Isaac arrives on the scene.

~ Joseph has dreams that he would one day be some kind of ruler and that his family would even bow before him. Little did he realize that he would even do years in a dungeon before he literally would see the light of day.

~ David is anointed as a youth by Samuel and told that he would be king. Yet it would take years before any of this would happen. In fact ~8-10 of those years would be spent in the wilderness on the run from Saul.

~ Moses seems to have had a sense of destiny, while growing up in Egypt. This was that God was raising him up to free his people.

24 He saw one of them being mistreated by an Egyptian, so he went to his defense and avenged him by killing the Egyptian.25 Moses thought that his own people would realize that God was using him to rescue them, but they did not.” ~ Acts 7:23-25

~ Yet, little did he realize that all this would begin when he was 80 years old!

~ Naomi while in Moab, struggled to wait and basically lost all hope… I mean over the course of 10 years, her sons and husband died. And what do you do next if you are Naomi? I honestly empathize with her.  I mean we have a 10 year stretch where only the ugly was happening. Yet at the end of it all, little did she realize that her answer, her Godsend – Ruth – was right by her side all along.

Moses by Ivan Meštrović (1952)

The apostle Paul in Acts 9 and then appointed in Acts 13. While we do not realize it while reading, the timespan between those two chapters is 17 years. Wow. What was he doing during all those years?

~ So it seems like… sometimes when God makes you wait for something… He really makes you wait! It is not always easy waiting and I groan at times but… it helps to look at the above and see that its not just me.