Getting Back to Faith the Size of a…

~ So suppose that you are going through a massive, massive trial – something very difficult and painful.

What if Jesus had said that you need massive faith in order to handle massive trials?
~ Speaking for myself, I would despair. It seems so often during trials, that I have difficulty scraping up any faith and now, I am being told that..

Anyway… Jesus not say that and Thank Him, because had He said that it, would have … let to an infinite regress. Huh???

What I mean is that, had Jesus said that, then there would have been something incoherent, something odd about what He said.

Why? Because now, where before you have one massive trial, now you have two. That is, in addition to the first massive trial, now you have another massive trial, which is the need to have gigantic faith and the thought of this makes you groan.

So in order to have massive faith, you need to have massive faith beforehand. And in order to have massive faith beforehand, you need to have massive faith beforehand beforehand… and soon…

Again – thank God Jesus said, you need mustard seed sized faith. The size was not really important. What was important is the presence of faith. Just having it.  The only benefit that giant faith gets you is a greater assurance… a psychological benefit.

Those who trust in the Lord
Are like Mount Zion,
Which cannot be moved,
but abides forever.”
~ Psm 125:1