Yet Another from – E.M. Bounds on Prayer (2)

The following is a sentence that I have excerpted from Ch. 6 of E.M. Bounds book, Power Through Prayer. 

bounds“I am sorry that I have prayed so little,” was the deathbed regret of one of God’s chosen ones, a sad and remorseful regret for a preacher.” 

~ I find this to be quite a thought.  When I am on my deathbed, I cannot say something like, “Yeah. I have not prayed much in life, but thats ok. I will make up for it now by praying non-stop until I make my exit from this life.”

No. Its not going to happen. Likely not going to happen anyway.  Lost time is lost. Lost time is dead to you. It cannot be resurrected. It will not come back. You could have prayed during all that time, but did not. You could have poured it out and you life and other peoples lives could have been so much different, but – but – its all gone now. It never happened. It never will happen.