Inspiration ~ Evangel Notes

John Wesley and the Mob
    1. Erwin Lutzer – How to respond to an Atheist  ~ On Youtube with The One Minute Apologist although its [2:02] long
    2. A sermon: Door to Door Evangelism – from out in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. I found this on Very good sermon… Very good and very encouraging.
    3. Everyday Evangelism Stories – from South Western Baptist Seminary out in Texas
      1. Suicidal woman restored, rebuilt by good news of Christ
      2. FIRST PERSON: Door-to-door evangelism actually works
    4. Lex Loizides
      1. ‘A Fire was Kindled in my Soul’ – Howell Harris and Revival
      2. Methodism and the Mob – what it really takes to change a culture
      3. Methodism and the Mob – Part 2: Changing Cultures
      4. Methodism and the Mob – Part 3: Howell Harris Gets Beaten up While Preaching
      5. Methodism and the Mob – Part 4: Threatened at Gunpoint – The Methodist Revival Advances
      6. Methodism and the Mob – Part 5: Preachers Pelted with Dirt, a Cat and a Dead Dog
      7. Methodism and the Mob – Part 6: Violence Seems to Triumph – The First Methodist Martyr
      8. The Emerging Mob: Why Whitefield began open air preaching
      9. Surrounded by the Mob – Wesley in Wednesbury 
      10. John Wesley Speaks to a Violent Mob
    5. From the UCC to the PCA? A Story of God’s Grace ~ A wonderful story coming from the website of Westminster Theological Seminary
    6.  Is This The Revival Generation? – Johnny Derouen @ A Chapel Message at Dallas Theological Seminary. The story that begins at [22:00] and ends at [26:00] – listen to that without fail!
    7. It Happened to George Washington’s Church – The Falls Church Anglican—A Story of Gospel Awakening by J.B. Simmons @ The Gospel Coalition