Missions is a Part of the Church – William Edgar

William Edgar (linked from wts.edu)
William Edgar (linked from wts.edu)

~ The following is an excerpt that I am transcribing from a talk given by William Edgar, a professor of apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary.  The talk can be found here.  ////>

“I think often times when it seems the Church is defeated, it only becomes an opportunity for the Gospel to spread in a more pure fashion.  In a country where I have spent a great deal of my time, which is France, there is drastic secularization.  Churches are emptying.  In the Roman Catholic Church, for every 10 priests that retire or move on, only 1 younger priest can be identified that is there to take their place.  Do the math and in just a few years, there will be no leadership at that rate in the Roman Catholic Church. 

And its not a whole lot better in the Protestant churches where people just aren’t attending and they are drawn to things like believing without belonging.  They want to be spiritual. They don’t want to be religious in the sense of being doctrinally driven. 

And into the midst of what seems a completely hopeless situation, the Lord is bringing immigrants with robust faith who are founding new churches every week, particularly in the urban areas. And the liveliness of these immigrant churches is attracting not only fellow immigrants, but the mainstream French person

What seems like a dark providence of secularization is turning into this marvelous opportunity to hear the Word preached and lived in a way far more fresh than anything thats been heard and preached in old Europe. 


~ I have heard a similar story elsewhere with regards to something similar happening in Spain.  The secular Spaniard does not listen to believing Spaniard when the latter shares his faith.  On the other hand, when the Filipino nanny shares her faith with the same secular Spaniard, then the person listens. 

Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.” ~ Mark 6:4