Karen Swallow Prior and the “Difficult” Call …

Dr. Karen Swallow Prior

~ Karen Swallow Prior is a Professor of English at Liberty University. She got her PhD in English Literature (I assume) from the State University of New York at Buffalo – my alma – Woohoo! Anyway…  Very recently she wrote a short article, Called to childlessness: The surprising ways of God for The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. I find the article very convicting and I think she says a lot that needs to be said. She points out a lot of things that rarely if ever are pointed out. Its worth reading!

I will post the beginning of the article here and you can follow the link to read the rest.  You can also read her other writings for The Atlantic here.

God’s model for the family is beautiful and good, the very picture of the union of Christ and his church: the fruitful marriage of one man and one woman.

Yet, the church often doesn’t know what to do with those who—whether by circumstance, conscience, choice or simply through the brokenness of creation—fall outside the mold that shapes this ideal of family life.

There is an unspoken assumption that this failure to fit the pattern is just that—a failure. To be sure, sometimes we break the mold by our choices, even our sins. But ours is a God of great imagination and infinite surprises. He sometimes calls us out of the standard mold and into a new one.

The primary calling of God for all Christians is, of course, the call to salvation, followed by the call to obedience to his will as revealed in his Word. This mold is for every believer. But the way in which God further refines and shapes that mold in calling each believer individually to serve the kingdom—through our vocation—can sometimes upend our expectations and even our desires.

It would be nice if God’s call on our life always coincided neatly with our passions and talents, but that’s not always, perhaps not even often, how it works. While it’s certainly true that our passions and talents hint at our calling, God sometimes calls us to things we don’t want to do and don’t have a knack for.

Just ask Moses.

Just ask Martin and Katharina Luther.

Just ask the fast food worker pulling long hours in order to put a roof over the head of the child God called him to father.

Just ask my many, many single friends who don’t have any particular passion or skill for being alone (quite the opposite, in fact) but have yet to be called by God into the office of marriage.

Or just ask me.

I believe God has called me to childlessness.


~ Read the rest here.