~ I recently discovered that David H. J. Gay has a website where he freely makes available a lot of his books and articles. Thus far I have been following him on Youtube or on occasion have gone to Amazon to purchase some of his works but now – wow! I have discovered a spiritual treasure trove or resources at his website and its all free.

Now, in case you are not familiar with him, I will just say quickly that he is a preacher and theologian who is one of the clearest and most prolific expositor of New Covenant Theology, a theology which stands in contrast to Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism.

That all said…

In the past two days I have been googling Sacerdotalism – “Yes. I know… Sacerwhat? Sacerhuh?” This is something most people have never heard of. However I have been looking around for a church to attend to and one group that I have looked into, the Anglicans, has been described as such. So I have been doing some research to get clarity on the matter. Anyway here is a link to the pdf version of his book if you want to read it: