The What and the When of a Calling

~ I am listening to Conrad Mbewe’s testimony on He is the pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church out in Lusaka, Zambia.  In his testimony, he talks about his calling to the pastoral ministry and in the process passes on something that I think is sage advice. This is something I wish I had heard years ago and so I am noting it down here.

“I then moved over to start studying Mining Engineering at our local government owned university. About a year later, I began to sense in my own spirit, that God may be calling me to Pastoral Ministry. You have to appreciate that I was only a year old in the Lord and I didn’t know anything about how God calls men to the Preaching Ministry.

So I sought the counsel of an older Christian who was in our hall of residence whose understanding of the Bible I really admired and he – if I could summarize the way he put it to me. He basically said:

“It is one thing to know what God wants you to do. Its another to know when He wants you to do it.”

He basically used Romans 1 and argued for the fact that if I thought it was the Lord calling me, then I should go and have dealings with Him in prayer, but then wait for Him to open the door.  And between that point and His opening the door, I needed to be faithful to all the responsibilities that He would give me.

And thats what I sought to do for 7 solid years. From my first year in the University to the time that God finally opened the door for me to enter into the Pastorate of Kabwata Baptist Church.”

Getting back to the bold-faced statement up above:

~~> “It is one thing to know what God wants you to do. Its another to know when He wants you to do it.

I find this thought to be quite a powerful thought.  Its one thing to know what what God is calling you to do, but quite another to know when.  There are several stories of people who sensed God calling them to missions and what not in another country. However it was not about to happen overnight.  Patience would be needed as the call would only be realized many years a later.

Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord.
Psalm 27:14

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