Jonathan Edwards on Differing Capacities for Happiness

~ It is often understood that in Heaven there will be differing degrees of happiness (just as in Hell there will be differing degrees of unhappiness and suffering). Here and there though, the question arises as to how in Heaven, Joe and Jane can both be fully happy and yet still differ in how much happiness each has. I have wondered about this and found a great answer to this on-line in the following article at Reformed Answers. What follows is a link to the article, and some quick excerpts:

Jonathan Edwards on Degrees of Reward in Heaven   Answer by Dr. Joseph R. Nally, Jr.

I do not understand Edward’s on in his degrees of happiness, if the saints are completely happy how can there be degrees of hapiness?

“There will be a perfect harmony in that society; those that are most happy will also be most holy, and all will be both perfectly holy and perfectly happy. But yet there will be different degrees of both holiness and happiness according to the measure of each one’s capacity, and therefore those that are lowest in glory will have the greatest love to those that are highest in happiness, because they will see most of the image of God in them. And having the greatest love to them, they will rejoice to see them the most happy and the highest in glory.”  

So, to the question, ‘If all saints are perfectly and completely happy how can there be degrees of hapiness?

Edwards mentioned “capacities.” An illustration may help: Some may have a 8 oz cup of capacity based upon thier works and others may have the capacity of the ocean. When each arrive in heaven, they will each be perfectly happy because each one will be filled to the fullest of their capacity, but the person with the “ocean capcity” will of course have the greater happiness, while the 8 oz worker will not miss what the other has. Anthony Hoeksema answers and says:

“When one has studied music and has attained some proficiency in playing a musical instrument, his capacity for enjoying music has been greatly increased. In a similar way, our devotion to Christ and his kingdom increases our capacity for enjoying the blessings of that kingdom, both now and in the life to come. Leon Morris says, “Here and now the man who gives himself wholeheartedly to the service of Christ knows more of the joy of the Lord than the half-hearted. We have no warrant from the NT for thinking it will be otherwise in heaven.”