Work on this later… Eden Interrupted.

If a person moves from the country-side to the city or from the city to the country…
~ A little bit of the city remains in the person who moves to the country. A little bit of the country remains in the person who moves to the city.
~ You can take person out of the city, but you cannot take the country out of the person. Vice versa.
~ This speaks to two longings within us. We desire the jazz, the sights, the sounds of the city. We desire, the rustic silence, the peace, the silence of the country.
~ We live between two worlds. We live between Eden and the New Jerusalem.
~ ~ We live between the Garden and the Garden-city. Eden was to become the New Jerusalem, an arboreal city – an arboreal city that speaks to both longings.
~ We live our lives as Eden interrupted.
~ Hence the fallen-ness, the brokenness, the dysfunctionalities, the sinfulness that characterizes life in this world.
~ The closest we will have to the New Jerusalem in Eden Interrupted is the Church… The Church is the dawning of the New Jerusalem. Zion.
~ ~ Sunday morning services are our already but not yet moments. All fellowship is.
~ ~ So when our Sunday morning services end… we leave the garden and enter the wilderness. We leave what is constructed and ordered and enter what is spiritually speaking, formless and void. And the erosion begins.
~ You can take a person out of church, but can you take church out of a person. You can take person out of fellowship but can you take fellowship out of a person? You can take a person out of New Jerusalem, but can New Jerusalem be taken out of them? Does Zion live in us.

Remain in me ~~> Remain in me, as I also remain in you. ~ John 15:4

The Green & the Grey

Fellowship begins with prayer.

Idolatry is adultery. Adultery is Idolatry.
Happiness is holiness and holiness is happiness.

Grace be to you and Grace be with you.

Abound & redound whether this week or 15 years from now… your grace has reach.