When the Dead Give Life …

~ The following is a rewrite of a post that I started but did not really clean up and finish.  I intended to get back to it a bit earlier, but … 2+ years later here I am. I’m a little delayed but ehhh, whatever. Ok that said and aside. . . .  And Action!


      Joash Shooting The Arrow Of Deliverance by William Dyce (1806-64)

~ I love the above painting by William Dyce. It is of Elisha encouraging Joash to shoot some arrows out of the window.  The lighting is simply amazing. So also the skin tones… Anyway, here is a passage narrating something that took place when Elisha died.

20 Elisha died, and they buried him. Now the bands of the Moabites would invade the land in the spring of the year. 21 As they were burying a man, behold, they saw a marauding band; and they cast the man into the grave of Elisha. And when the [dead] man touched the bones of Elisha he revived and stood up on his feet. ~ 2 Kings 13:20+

The Psychiatrist:
~ I have an aunt who worked as a psychiatrist for decades. She is not only one on account of having gone to Medical School, but honestly, she is one also on account of her temperament. She once walked into the room of a new patient and within moments of her introducing herself to the patient, the patient said to her, “Oh. You can’t help me. You don’t know where I am coming from. You don’t know what I have been through!”

Up above we have a story of how Elisha, a man who during his life healed quite a few people and later on became sick and eventually died. Upon his death and subsequent burial, something interesting happened. Even while dead, he gave life to someone.

Could my aunt have given life to her patient? Or did she need to go out and get felled by the thing that felled this person and then come back and be on with it, saying to the patient, “I know just how you feel?”

~ I think not. While it helps a lot for one to have gone through what someone else has gone through, it is not necessary. Quite often you can do just as well if you have not gone through what others have, because you do not have a certain set of unhelpful biases.

I feel like I have observed this sort of phenomenon elsewhere also… Consider…

The Artist:
~ Some people cannot draw a line. However they are great art critics. In fact their critiques can be so constructive that an artist with an open ear can actually improve  their artwork.

    Swan Storyline

The Preacher:
~ Like so, some people cannot preach a sentence. However they can give such good feedback on a sermon heard that the preacher becomes much better. Though they themselves are dead in the pulpit, they however can give life to others in the pulpit.

The Prof:
~ An English Literature prof may at best write dead prose and even on a good day may not be able to write a line of poetry or fiction. However she may be a fantastic writing coach to her students.

And so it goes… from death to life.


Paisley Lady – after Nth Attempt (for Inktober)

I have not been writing all that much here lately. I’ve just been doing a bunch of art.  I do hope to get back soon. In the meantime, this is my latest…

Paisley Lady

~ The above is my n-th attempt at trying to make a certain something. What I was originally trying to make did not work out, so I ended up with what you see. Oh well…  I will keep trying to get the other thing that I am trying to do work.

That all said, i used Affinity Designer for the inks and used Adobe Stock Images for the background since it takes just waaaaaaay too much time to do paisley and right now I just do not have the time right now.

Idea On The Side . . . Girl Laptopping Away ~ drawing ~ & Take 2

~ The following is something that I scribbled on a piece of paper on my desk and had been meaning to get around to for some time now – in digital form.

I finally did a 1st cut in Affinity Designer, my new digital art tool – which BTW I recommend strongly.  Although I am a newbie with AD, and still learning, I find that I really like it.  Ok. Here it is.

Girl Laptopping Away – RGB Rao

Oks.  I this call it Girl Laptopping Away. I wanted to use an odd view and have it be symmetrically anal in the process.

One more go… take 2, 3 below… this I like better…

Virtue Aesthetics

~ I just created the following in XARA PGD.  I am not done with it as yet. I need to make changes… However … for now I will leave as it.


~ The thought of the moment is the following:

Jonathan Edwards said that everyone in Heaven will be fully happy, yet will have differing degrees of happiness. So Sanju and Manju will be fully happy while Sanju may be more happy than Manju. Without getting into the philosophical particulars, what I want to mention for now is that according to Edwards we all will have differing capacities for happiness and this is because in this life we develop our capacity for it.

My thought: Mozart had a greater capacity to enjoy Classical Music that I do. Yet I can develop my capacity for Classical Music thusly and enjoy it more also.

~ The key word here is arete from Virtue Ethics. It means something like excellence.

~ Finish this post later…

Aldous Huxley Quote

~ I just made this. The above is a quote by Aldous Huxley found on page 293 of the book, What About the Big Stuff?: Finding Strength and Moving Forward When the Stakes Are High (2002) by Richard Carlson.  Aldous Huxley is of course the author of the famous novel, Brave New World.

Upon reading the quote, I couldn’t help but think to myself,

“Huh? What? – Thats it!?! Thats all you can say???”

This nothing but an empty platitude that anyone anywhere can mouth off.  This is it from the great Aldous Huxley? What a disappointment. 

In the Meantime … Questions

– Jesus was asked 183 questions.
– Jesus asked 307 questions.
– and Jesus answered … ???

… Guess?

Follow Me








– Jesus answered 3 questions.

Aside: Some notes on types of questions…
1. Perfunctory questions: Will the snow ever end?
2. Personal questions: The perfs eventually lead to the pers.
3. Personal-Spiritual: Obvious… when it gets deep

Writer’s Block… sort of… Artist’s Unblock…

~ Been in a strange sort of rut… The thoughts about what I want to blog about come to me when I am really busy in life with all sorts of things. So I cannot write. However when I get some time and sit down to write… at that point the thoughts don’t quite land. What has been coming out is a scramble of confetti. Oh well…

On the flip side, things are a wee bit better on the Art end. Here is my latest experiment:

Salwar Kameex & Cheongsam mix

~ The above is a fusion of the Chinese cheongsam and the Indian salwar kameez.  I am sure its been done in real life a thousand times. The idea came to me almost randomly as I was sketching around.

~~ I used Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10 to make the line art and then used Manga Studio 5 to color it and add some other touches.

Koine Graffiti ~ χάρις – Charis

~ I have had in mind to do graffiti artwork of verses of the Bible in Koine Greek. I gave it a first shot in 3D and that did not work out. So I then tried 2D, and this worked out much better. Here is the word “grace” – χάρις – graffiti-cized. I used Xara for this.

Hebrews 4:16

Grace: χάρις, ιτος, ἡ – I always say: “Grace is the cement that fills the cracks in our lives.”

Also, the verse on the left is Hebrews 4:16 – Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

Machiko Hasegawa (1920-1992)

~ March is Woman’s History Month, so I made the following:



~ Here is a brief bio that I have put together based on my reading from her Wiki bio and elsewhere:

~ Machiko Hasegawa (長谷川町子 Hasegawa Machiko) was one of world’s the first female manga artists. She was born on January 20th, 1920. In 1946, Hasegawa started her own comic strip, Sazae-san in the newspaper, Asahi Shimbun. This comic strip which ran in said newspaper from 1949 to 1974, was about the life a woman, Sazae-san, a fictional Japanese housewife. This strip became very popular and was eventually even was made into a popular radio show in 1956. In addition to this Hasegawa also created another comic, Granny Mischief.

~ One more thing – an important one: For her work as an artist, Hasegawa eventually received the People’s Honor Award in 1992. She passed away on May 27, 1992, at the age of 72.

~ All that said, I hope to have a post out on the 31st on Anne Judson Hasseltine (1789-1826), who was a wonderful writer.

The Trial of Job

“Yet man is born unto trouble, as surely as sparks fly upward.” ~ Job 5:7

~ A whiles back I wrote a poem on Job.  A little later I came across a bronze sculpture of Job made by the Croatian sculptor and architect Ivan Mestrovic (1883-1962). I set the words of my poem to his sculpture and posted it on Facebook.  Here it is:



~  I used Manga Studio 5 to make this.

A Doodle of a Peacock ~ Round 1

The following had been floating around my head so when I had a moment to kill, I made it. It is a peacock and yes I know it does not quite look like a peacock – but whatever… just a doodle… I plan on re-doing it in Inkscape.


It looks a bit blurry. I guess I did not save it in a high enough setting for pngs.

Lover’s Gift by Rabindranath Tagore (Opening Lines)

~ The following is a decorative piece I put together for the opening lines of Rabindranath Tagore’s work, Lover’s Gift. Many people who read it do not realize that Tagore is talking about a certain very famous edifice … a famous marbled mausoleum. So I put this “collage” together to help people see what edifice he is writing about.  It is truly an amazing poem.



*Note: I used Xara and Manga Studio 5 to make the above.

The Bible Project ~ An Animation Project Worth Mentioning

~ I came across this a short whiles back and since I have an interest in animation, I want to put in a plug for it here.

There is a group affiliated with Western Seminary out in Oregon that is putting out a very exciting animation series of the entire Bible starting with Genesis.  The url of the site is http://www.jointhebibleproject.com/

Here is a one-liner blurb at the site: We are creating free videos and resources that explore the narrative of the bible.

So far they have made Genesis P1 (= Part 1) and Genesis P2. Here is P1

(I wonder what software they used to produce this. It looks like it could have been done with Blender3D with freestyle. But then again, it could have been done with any number of softwares out there including very many 2d softwares out here. I am not sure.)

And also here is an brief youtube video that explains what the project is all about:

Here is their Twitter ID: @JoinBibleProj

~ I think that this is an awesome project! Totally awesome!!!

Christian Animation Videos

I found a whole bunch of Christian Animation Videos at max7.org.  They are very good. You have to download them and watch them.  Otherwise the viewing window is very small. Alternatively, if you do not want to download them you can find them at youtube also. I have included links to both.
~ The Parable of the Pharisee & the Tax Collector: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufe6zouTq8g
~ The Parable of the Wise & Foolish Builders: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXWHLB1f6_U
~ The Parable of the Lost Sheep: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyWZeOlaRo4
~ The Parable of the Sower: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9IOhGPrRvY