In Process . . .

“A discerning person keeps wisdom in view, but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth.” ~ Proverbs 17:24

~ There are people out there who will eat anything you put before them. Plop something it on a plate in front of them and they will gulp it down, whatever it is. I am like that with reading. If it passes under my eyes, I will read it.  Soeeee… in an effort to gain more focus(!) and not just wander through to the ends of the earth, I have decided to take stock of what I am interested in that I think is also very important.  This is what has distilled out.

(1) The Meaning of Life – Mostly from the angle of Analytic Philosophy currently.

(2) Happiness / Joy – I’ve looked at a bunch of Western philosophers so far. Easterns are on the reading list. Ellen T. Charry is on my list and so also Jonathan Edwards & the Puritans ( = contentment here).

*(1) & (2) strike me as absolutely fundamental. If you do not know what the Meaning of Life is or are fundamentally unhappy, then why do anything in life? Why read books on Sherlock Holmes or research something like the biophysical aspects of macromolecules if you find life to be at rock bottom, an empty hole.

(3) The Argument from Longing / Desire – C.S. Lewis & Clifford Williams

(4) What I call Hamartiological Sublimation
– Comes out of studying Thomas Chalmers’ The Expulsive Power of a New Affection. Its about how we fill the holes, vacuums or voids in our lives.

(5) What I call Existential Incontinence
– Comes out of the work of J. Budziszewski – When we claim that we do not know the things we can’t not know, then these things will leak out of us in spite of our claims and pretense to the contrary.

(6) The Paradox of Fiction – A nightmare of a problem

(7) The Nature of Faith – I am not talking about faith in any salvific sense, but the faith that it takes to get through trials. What is this?

*Note:  While most everything above involves psychology in some sense, I am not a psychologist or counselor or anything of that sort.  I just sort of like understanding how people (myself included) work against the backdrop of the Fall.

Other: Forgetting the past and acheivements
One-ism and Two ism


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